Precision Fabrication, LLC

7546 John Clayton Memorial Hwy

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Gloucester, Va. 23061

DIGITIZING Digitizing is a term we use to describe creating a file used as a template for the designs we produce. We use the digitizing process in projects from flooring to prototyping. As an important step in many projects, we take great care to make our templates precise. If you have something you need digitized, such as a logo, a floor plan, drawing, or any flat object you need the dimensions of for further use, we can digitize it for you to save it for unlimited usage in the future. This can prove to be an invaluable asset to put your designs on anything. Contact us at (804) 210-1613 or email to get started on expanding your empire.
ABOUT US We founded our family business in 2010 from a 30 year old vision of "doing whatever was in our power" to bring the ability to product quality work back to the U.S., provide jobs for Americans, execute our business in an environmentally conscious manner, and do all this while maintaining our integrity in everything we do. LOCATE US
CONTACT US ADDRESS Precision Fabrication, LLC 2498 George Washington Memorial Hwy. Hayes, Va. 23072 PHONE 804.210.1613 EMAIL